Agricultural Law

Family Farm Corporations & Partnerships

As farming becomes more complex, so too does the planning and organization of farm businesses.  Family Farm Corporations and Family Farm Partnerships are now common planning tools, and working together with your other tax professionals, we will assist you in determining if and when to use these types of structures.

Buying & Selling Farm Property

We assist our farm clients in the purchase and sale of farm property, and help ensure that all necessary issues are addressed in the Sale and Purchase Agreement.  In particular, sales in our region in Southeast Saskatchewan and Southwest Manitoba frequently require special arrangements in connection with surface rights and we assist both Vendors and Purchasers in addressing those matters.

Farm Mortgages

We prepare all types of mortgages associated with farm financing, including financing for farm purchasers and other credit facilities.

Farm Leases

As with every other aspect of farming business, leasing a farm property has become more complex and the preparation of a comprehensive farm lease is essential to protect both landlords and tenants.