Family Law


The breakdown of marriage is an extremely stressful event for everyone involved.  It is very difficult for parties to remain objective as they try to resolve their issues.  One of the primary responsibilities of your lawyer in these circumstances is to provide that objectivity and help you through the process with a minimum of acrimony and expense.  We make every effort possible to resolve these difficult issues through mediation and negotiation, using court action and litigation only as a last resort.

Property Division

The law regarding division of family property is in most cases relatively straightforward, but the application of those rules can become difficult especially in those cases where the family assets themselves are complex.  We assist our clients in addressing all those issues, finding appropriate consultants to assist in the valuation of family property, and ensuring that all necessary income tax issues are properly addressed.

Child & Spousal Support

Child support is often a fairly straightforward issue and can be determined quite easily based upon the Federal Child Support Guidelines.  Spousal support issues are more difficult to determine, but once again we will assist you in reaching agreements that are comprehensive and fair for yourself and your children.

Custody & Access

Probably the most difficult issue arising upon marriage breakdown is the ongoing and continued parenting which both parents can and should continue to enjoy for the benefit of the children.  Many different custody and parenting arrangements can be considered to optimize this continuing shared involvement and we assist our clients in attempting to put those arrangements in place.